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Pittsburgh downtown
Pittsburgh downtown

The Strategic Investment Fund is a private sector source of gap financing that enables catalytic real estate projects to advance across a 12-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) is a private sector source of financing for real estate projects that are expected to have a significant impact upon the economic development of the City of Pittsburgh and the surrounding 12-county region. Employment creation, community development and elimination of urban blight are primary SIF objectives. The purpose of SIF is to fill gaps in the financing of those projects that align with one of its four investment strategies: regional core investment; research and development led industry, strategic site acquisition and innovation.


As a strictly private endeavor, SIF plays an important role in the region’s development efforts by virtue of its independence from the vested interests of real estate owners, developers and public sector agencies.

Investment Strategies

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Regional Cores Investment Strategy (RCIS)

Regional cores provide opportunities for transformational investments that spark economic growth. RCIS supports regional downtowns by maintaining quality office space, converting vacant buildings, and investing in desirable amenities for workers, residents and visitors.

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Research and Development Led Industry Strategy (RDIS)

RDIS aims to develop properties integral for the growth of research- and development-driven companies. Additionally, the Partnership may provide financing for site development, new construction, adaptive re-use of existing buildings and tenant-fit out. In certain circumstances, the Partnership may also consider investments in equipment and working capital.

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Strategic Site Acquisition Strategy (SSAS)

SSAS provides purchasing power when certain projects advance the goals of RCIS and RDIS. Prior to completing any purchases, the Partnership will outline a disposition and/or development strategy consistent with its desired risk/return profile.

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Innovation Strategy (IS)

The regional economy is evolving rapidly, and this strategy will enable SIF to remain flexible and responsive as new opportunities present themselves. IS recognizes that certain projects may fulfill SIF’s mission and objectives but not fit neatly into a preset category.

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